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I collected the links on the WWW Link Page in the first place for my private use. Yet I quite find them interesting enough to invite you to share them with me. These links reflect partly my own interests and partly the PC configuration I am working with. Nevertheless I also try to present links which include a lot more sites, which help you to find e.g. support for your special configuration. And then there are still search machines such as Lycos.

You will notice that quite often I do not really lead you to the real home page. In many cases the home page is not very meaningful and very time consuming. I rather take you closer to the target. If you just want to download software, you might want to get straight to the download site.

I find these links either by accident, seeing them in other link lists, or analysing PC magazines. So if you discover that I have taken links from your list, please take it as a compliment. I also appreciate if you like my links.

If you have suggestions on my link list, please let me know.